Personal Weather Station Meshka

Saarbrücken-Dudweiler, Germany

(Latitude 49.267243° N, Longitude 7.032639° E, elevation 287 m)

at a glance - auf einen Blick

below you can find different views and depictions of the current local weather situation and historical data

(CumulusMX, Meteotemplate, pwsWD and Weather34 updated every 15 sec, weewx every 5/2.5 min)

PWS-Dashboard and Weather34 will also provide weather forecast for the location

AI based forecast using station data (Weather365) (extended detailed forecast in German only)

Station 1 - Ecowitt 2553 / GW1000

WU ISAARB22, CWOP F7474, WOW Meshka, AWEKAS 16544, Weathercloud d6650042043, Aeris PWS ISAARB3

Weather34 via Meteobridge (GW1000)

Meteotemplate via Meteobridge (GW1000)

Seasons powered by weewx (WH2650)

Neowx Material powered by weewx (WH2650)

PWS-Dashboard via Ecowitt GW1100

Weather Data Center (WDC) powered by weewx (Ecowitt GW1100)

CumulusUtils (GW1000/WS80)

Weather34 Aurora via Meteobridge

Meteobridge - last 7 days

Station 2 - Froggit WH4000SE / Ecowitt WS2320E

WU ISAARB3, Weathercloud d3011399141

Seasons (Phenology) powered by weewx

Neowx Material powered by weewx

Station 3 - Ecowitt GW2001 "Wittboy"

Neowx Material powered by weewx (GW2000)

CumulusMX (GW2000/WS90) - - - - CumulusUtils (GW2000/WS90)

Meteobridge - today - - - - Meteobridge - last 2 days - - - - Meteobridge - last 7 days